International School of Music Northbridge


What age group are Jitterbugs music classes?

Jitterbugs music classes are for toddlers who have turned 2 years old. Once students have turned 3 years old, they can move into our Beebopper music program

How long are the Jitterbugs classes?

30 minutes

How many classes in a term?
10 classes per term, billed in advance before the term commences

What do our 2-year-olds learn in the program?
Jitterbugs experience music education (with their parent/ caretaker) through:
Singing – to establish pitch awareness
Actions/movements to ISM original songs – to develop listening skills & physical response to musical beat (using fine & gross motor skills)
Educational experience – each lesson explores a different educational theme for early exposure to topics including; animal names, colours, shapes, body parts, objects, weather & sport activities
Storytelling – new story for each weekly themed lesson
Craft – to develop fine & gross motor skills correlating to the weekly theme
Rhythm fundamentals – through clapping & light percussion to develop coordination & rhythmic response to selected music examples
Group learning exposure – students are exposed to the group learning environment which involves skills of social interaction, sharing and concentration 

How long is the Jitterbugs program?
There is 12 months of material for Jitterbugs. Once students turn 3 years old they can move into our Beebopper music program

What do students need to bring to class?  All materials are provided for the class (music instruments and craft materials). Students need to bring their Jitterbugs book to each class, which is handed out at the beginning of their first class. 

What do students need to practice at home?
Jitterbugs have songs to sing, which come with the Jitterbugs storybook. Parents need to download the mp3 songs after the first class and play at home or in the car for students to familiarise with the songs.