International School of Music Northbridge


What age group are Junior classes?
Pianorama Junior classes are for our youngest beginners starting as young as 4 years old. The Junior program is suitable for students under 7 years old. All classes are grouped age-appropriately

How long are the Junior classes?

45 minutes

How many classes in a term?
10 classes per term, billed in advance before the term commences

What do students learn in the program?
Pianorama Junior students experience music education through:
• Solfege & Song Singing – to develop a musical ear & pitch awareness
• Piano Repertoire – to play a varied & structured program of original pieces on the piano. Each student is assigned their own digital piano to use during the class. Students are coached and encouraged to perform in front of the class regularly, to help normalise performance and reduce nervousness
• Music Notation – reading & writing to confirm notation from the learned piano repertoire. Worksheets are included in the program books, and students participate in class games to explore their learnings in a fun, unpressured group environment
• Rhythm Reading – through clapping & percussion to develop coordination and confirm rhythmic notation from piano repertoire. Students learn to recognise rhythmic patterns and understand time signatures.
• Group learning exposure – The ISM group learning environment covers aspects of music education that are
commonly missed in the private setting (this is what keeps our students hooked!)
• Ensemble performance experience (using percussion & piano)
• Classmate comradery, healthy competition to motivate regular home practice. Group classes initiate
individualised attention from both the teacher & their peers! (They get double the love!)

How long is the Junior program?
There are 4 graded music books for Junior students to progress through before they move onto the Intermediate program. Each book contains roughly 6 months of class material.

What do students need to bring to class?
All materials are provided for the class (music instruments). Students need to bring their music book to every class.

What do students need to practice at home?
Teachers will assign their students homework to practice before their next class. This will include songs to sing and play on piano, which are printed in their music books and are provided as mp3 song downloads.
Parents need to download the mp3 songs after the first class and enable their child access to listen to the songs at home in order to song along to at home.

Students and teachers spend 45 minutes a week together to learn new material and revise previous pieces or finger techniques. Therefore it’s what students do at home that matters in order to reinforce their learning. It is vital that parents be actively involved in enabling students to practice at home in order to effectively progress their musical development. Practice only needs to be between 10-15 minutes a day for complete beginners, and 20-30 minutes for more advanced students.