How do I enrol?

Please complete the online form to request your preferred class type and availability for your child. We will then be in touch to discuss your submission and find a suitable class for your child. Or you can call us anytime to discuss your options and we can process your enrolment over-the-phone.

Do I need to have a piano at home?

All of our programs (except Jitterbugs & Beeboppers) require home practice on a piano. It does not matter whether you have a digital or acoustic piano, so long as you have something available for practicing homework.

Can you recommend any digital pianos?

Our recommended digital pianos include:
Casio CDP-130, Kawai ES100 and Roland F-130R.
The main things you need to consider / question when talking to your piano supplier include:
– Are the keys are weighted? (i.e. do they have a weighted feel when pressing the keys rather than springing back instantly like a synthesiser)
– Is it a full-sized keyboard – 88 keys? (or at least 61 keys)
– Does it come with a decent warranty period?  (keyboards should be built to last! If you have any issues with ‘sticky’ keys that don’t rise back into place after playing, you will need to have it repaired or replaced if you have sufficient warranty).
For further help with finding an acoustic upright or digital piano – please contact our friends at Sydney Piano World in Chatswood / Roseville.
Ask ISM for a referral contact and you’ll be well looked after!

How many students in each class?

Group classes can hold up to a maximum of 10 students per class.  Our minimum class size requirement is 7 students.
Private lessons are held between the teacher and student only (one-to-one).

Does the parent / guardian need to be present during the classes?

Parents or carers need to be present at our pre-school programs such as Jitterbugs (2 yr olds), Beeboppers (3 yr olds) and Pianorama Junior (4 yr olds). It is recommended that parents or carers attend Pianorama classes at least until their children are the age of 5 years old. Reason being, it will benefit the students if parents can assist with motivation and practice at home.

How is the program delivered, do I need to purchase any books?

The cost of classes is separate to the program materials. Each program consists of a book and accompanying CD for listening at home to aid practice. Each book generally lasts for 2 terms of lessons (20 weeks) before they move onto the next level within each group class. Costs of materials vary by program level, ranging between $34 – $40 per book+CD.

What is the duration of a program?

Class timetables are aligned with NSW school term dates, therefore each billing period is for 9 or 10 weeks of classes depending on the school term and if any public holidays fall on the day of your child’s class.