Pianorama Junior (4-6 yrs)

P  I  A  N  O  R  A  M  A    J  U  N  I  O  R

Pianorama Junior classes do not require prior musical experience.  Any child can join from the age of 4 years old into this program and is suitable for children aged 4 – 6 years old.

The Junior program is comprised of 4 books, each of which lasts approximately 6 months.

Each class is grouped age-appropriately, it is not a mixed-age class environment.

Although this program promotes a high aural focus, all students will learn the technical skill required to play the piano and will work through a graded technical curriculum. Aurally, students explore and develop music skills including pitch awareness through singing, music note reading, playing and writing music, distinguishing rhythmic patterns, and performance from memory.

Students apply their musical understanding and learning on the piano, with each student assigned their own digital piano during the class. Children are grouped in age-appropriate small classes. Each class runs for 45 minutes.